The Hindu - Friday Review
Friday Jul 12, 2013

Honour for artists
The SKGS Yagnaraman Living Legend Award

Chennai Chronicle
Monday Feb 25, 2013

Dazzling Debut
Reminiscing the past
Deepika Ramesh
The Hindu - Friday Review
Friday Nov 18, 2011

Playing along in style
Violin Embar Kannan on how he evolved as a musician.
Venkatesan Srikanth
Indian Express Madras - Art & Culture
Sunday Oct 16, 1994

A violinist for all seasons
Violin is a blind instrument. One must exercise caution every time the finger glides over the strings. Even the slightest slip can result in a discordant note
News Today - The Arts
Thursday Feb 07, 2002

Becoming numero uno is his dream
'Having played in many competitions.... he decided that music be his chosen career'
'He hasn't hadthe tme for more serials it is a long-time commitment'
Deepa H Ramakrishnan
Indian Express Madras by Subbudu
Tuesday Dec 20, 1994

I come to Embar Kannan. He has not only arrived but has also taken off. I wonder how this younger has acquired such proficient in the instrument.
by Subbudu
The Hindu - Metroplus
Wednesday Aug 02, 2006

Of symphony and swaras
"Mozart meets india", a symphonic soundtrack based on six Carnatic ragas.
The team led by Bombay Jayashree (extream right), O.S.Arun and Embar Kannan(from left)
Photo by S.R.Raghunathan
The Hindu
Friday Jan 01, 1999

Praiseworthy fusion
Perfect blend of sounds.... A.Kanyakumari with Embar Kannan (violin), M.Janardhanan (sitar) and Mannargudi Easwaran (mridangam).
Pic. by V.Ganesan
The Mercury
Thursday Sep 02, 1999

Taking A Break
World famous indian classical musicians Balasubramaniam Ganapathyraman, Bombay Jayashri and Embar Kannan tour Duban's city centre during a break from the concerts and workshops they are holding in KwaZulu-Natal. They are on the South African leg of their world tour.
Picture: Patrick Mtolo
The Hindu
Wednesday Dec 27, 06

Music Academy
Embar Kannan fitted excellently into the role of an accompanying violin, keeping close to the main artiste's style, without overreahing or underplaying. His rejoinders in alapana, kalpanaswara and tanam echoed the artist's vocabulary and composition. In his solo interpretation he couldd demonstrate not only his individuality but also the scope of the instrument.
News India-Times
Friday Jun 15, 2001

Top Artists Perform at CMANA Silver Jubilee Fete
R.Ramachandran, Secretary of Hamsadvani, second from left, with Sudha Raghunathan and her troupe at CMANA Silver Jubilee Celebrations.
Photo: Prakash M.Swamy
The Hindu
Friday Dec 19, 1997

Remarkable Clarity
Embar Kannan, the violinist for Sowmya's recital is a good accompanist with enormous potential. His bowing technique is of a high quality and his playing is marked by sweetness and clarity.
Jun 2003

This violin is Silent
Violinist Embar Kannan is proud of his 'silent' violin. "If it is not amplified, you can't hear the sounds", he says. A product of Yamaha, this electric violin is specially used by Kanna in fusion concerts and ensembles. And this he does to match the amplification achieved by the keyboard, drums or the mandolin.
The Hindu - Friday Review
Friday Sep 07, 2007

Splendid Synchronisation
Embar Kannan on the violin was soulful and innovative while Sudhir Nayak on te harmonium was elegant and closely emulating the human voice. They developed each raga both in unison and in jugalbandi.
Photo: R.Shivaji Rao
The Capital City Hues
Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

Malladi Brothers in Madison
Sri kannan proved that there could really be no limit to creativity.
Creative Syncopations by Ramya Kapadia
Granada Hoy - Actualhoy
Friday Jul 07, 2005

Reza Ghorbani, Arjang Seyfizadeg Djamchid, Bijan y Keyvan Cheminari and Sudha Ragunathan, Embar Kannan, Skanda Subramanian Ramana Ramakrishnan and Nahawa Doumbia balla ke sissoko