Born on 19th Feb, Kannan hails from a family of musicians. Although he holds a post graduate degree in commerce, from the Madras University, music has been his raison’d’etre. Living up to his father, Sangeetha Bhooshanam, Sri Embar Sadagopan’s dream to see his son as a concert artist, Kannan took to the violin at the tender age of 6. He had his initial training in Carnatic music under Sri Subbanna Bhagavatar and Vittal Ramamurthy and in western classical music under music director, Diwakar master. He then continued his formal training in the violin under
Kum. Kanyakumari.

Acknowledged as a violinist par excellence, Kannan is an A - TOP Grade with the All India Radio, a recognition given only to top ranking artists. Universally acclaimed as a violinist with extraordinary bowing quality and remarkably sweet playing, his style is marked by clarity, soulfulness and energy. Subbudu, the doyen among critics recognized Kannan as a prized jewel of Carnatic music as early as 1991. He remarked that Kannan’s music had the grace and ease of a Russian Ballerina.

Violinists hold a unique pride of place in carnatic music. As concert accompanists, they shoulder the twin responsibilities of perceiving the mindsets of vocalists, anticipating, reproducing and blending in with their music, even as they retain their individual identities. Kannan’s uncanny flair in this aspect has made him one of the most sought after accompanists in his time and he enthralls audiences, the world over with his music.